Wanna know how to live 

powerfully in purpose?

You’re in luck… I teach Women of Faith how to confidently navigate their God-given purpose in any season of life so they can live a big life. Want to join us? 

I might be in over my head…

I hear you… Through fleeting moments of clarity, passion and devotion you’ve been able to achieve some success on your own but you’re tired of the inconsistency – in your life and your relationship with God. You’re tired of not knowing how to maneuver from and through one season to the next. 

You desire for God to use you in a bigger way and to live a more fulfilled life. And you know to get what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done- you’re just not sure what those next steps are!

You just wish that someone could just tell you how to grow in your purpose. There has to be a roadmap you can follow right!? Well love, there is…

meet your coach

Hey love! I’m Christa Timil and I’m a Purpose Coach and Advocate and I teach women of faith like you how to navigate their purpose. I believe we are always in purpose but often just have trouble seeing it for what it is. When we truly understand who we are and what we offer we can show up with confidence in any season we are in.

I’ve used my training as a teacher and therapist and paired it with my knowledge of Human Design and Biblical Principles to create a practical curriculum that helps you practically build the understanding and skills necessary to navigate who God has called you to be, with support and accountability along the way.

This program is a synthesis of both my personal journey and the work I’ve done helping hundreds of women learn how to give language and life to who they truly are and be able to effectively share themselves with others. 

Before we go any further,
I want to make something crystal clear...

Navigating purpose isn’t about knowing the ultimate destination or the exact moves to get you there.

(that’s an ongoing convo between you and God).

But it does mean that:

– You’ll be equipped with a foundation that gives you stability when life seems unsteady.

– You’ll know and value the gifts God has given you so when you’re challenged you can still stand on them.

– You’ll know how to honor your own energy and create systems that support you showing up in the fullness of the power God has given you.

so basically you’re saying…

BIG in Purpose is for you if you…

  • Haphazardly or inconsistently connect with a sense of purpose.
  • Feel unfulfilled or only partially fulfilled
  • Prioritize intentionality (or at least desires to)
  • Want to believe in and move from a space of personal worthiness and value.
  • Believe we have both a human identity and a spiritual identity that can work together.

BIG in Purpose is NOT for you if you…

  • Are looking for someone to tell you what to do or make life decisions for you.
  • Desire success (at any cost) over experiencing fulfillment.
  • Believe you have to be like someone or something else to be great.
  • Believe that your purpose is in what you do.
  •  Looking for a quick fix with no inner work. 

well what will we be learning?

Month 1
The focus of this month is on building foundations through the articulation of your personal boundaries. We will explore establishing the foundations of your genius, passion, impact and influence.
Month 2
The focus of this month is on embodying your personal integrity via the expression of your primary gifts. We will explore establishing the expression of your perspective, dynamics, victory and role.
Month 3
The focus of this month is on creating and solidifying processes that support your personal generosity. We will explore establishing your processes of preparation, nurture, growth and refinement.

This is an invitation...

Knowing how to navigate your purpose (and having a community of God-focused powerhouses who get it in your support corner) helps you to intentionally build on the success you’ve had so you can multiply your impact and be the person you want to be and God has designed you as.

what’s the investment?

During Black Friday Weekend (November 26th – November 30th) I have some special bonuses to make sure you can set yourself up for success and can hit the ground running in BIG in Purpose. 

If you invest in BIG in Purpose this holiday weekend you’ll get access to my Human Design Foundations Course & The Variables Series of Masterclasses! The Foundations course explains the basics of your design so you have the language and understanding to critically engage with your design. The Variable Series is an advance level course that explains the dynamics of the different ways we process information from a Human Design perspective. 

And if you pay in full you’ll also get a personalized HD Blueprint which offers my personal insight into your design in a convenient PDF. 

BIG in Purpose Group Coaching

Payment Plan
$ 550
monthly for 6 months
  • BIG In Purpose Curriculum ($2,000)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($2,400+)
  • 3 One-on-One Sessions ($997 Value)
  • HD Foundations Course ($77 Value)
  • The Variable Series Masterclass ($127 Value)
Black Friday

BIG in Purpose Group Coaching

Pay in Full
$ 2997
Pay in Full
  • BIG In Purpose Curriculum ($2,000)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($2,400+)
  • 3 One-on-One Sessions ($997 Value)
  • HD Foundations Course ($77 Value)
  • The Variable Series Masterclass ($127 Value)
  • Personalized HD Blueprint ($497 Value)
Black Friday

I  have questions…

When does BIG in Purpose start?
BIG in Purpose starts the first week of January. During the month of December you'll have time to work on the HD Foundations Course and/or The Variable Series Masterclasses. Completing these classes aren't required but can help you get the most out the program if you are unfamiliar with Human Design.
When and where does the group sessions take place? What if I can't make it?
The live group coaching sessions happen weekly via Zoom. Currently sessions are planned to alternate occurring either on Thursdays at 10am PST or Tuesdays at 6pm PST. If you are unable to attend you can submit your questions beforehand and watch the replays once they are added to your portal.
How long does it take to complete the core curriculum?
The time it takes to work through the curriculum varies from person to person. However the timing following the standard timeline works through the curriculum over a 3 month period.
What is covered in the 1-on-1 sessions?
There are 3 major milestones in working through the curriculum. When you complete a milestone activity you can meet with a support coach to review your work and get feedback for your next steps.
What is the structure of the program?
BIG in Purpose consists of weekly pre-recorded lessons for initial exposure to the material, weekly coaching calls to help you integrate and 3 1-on-1 calls to help you solidify the work oyu do in each section.
Do I need an HD Blueprint to succeed in the program?
An HD Blueprint is not needed to do well in the program. The program is designed around your ability to reflect and engage critically with your own energy. In the curriculum there are reference sheets to serve as a catalyst for your reflection. The HD Blueprint is an additional resource that highlights my perspective on your chart.

still have questions?

Shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll help you figure out if this is the right program for you or not. If you’re not on IG or DM isn’t your thing I set some time aside to talk through this decision with you. You can schedule a call with me using the scheduler below.